2016 Breeding Ewes
     "GABBY" (Daughter of "Black-eyed Susan,") NMI-862C, #719200. Heterozygous
white, horned, twin. 50% AI, with 20 AI ancestors including; Peli, Visir, Sjodur,
Stubbur, Heli, Hnykill, etc., etc.
      Gabby grew very rapidly as a lamb (95 lbs @ 100 days) even as a twin, due to
her mother's ability to produce lots of very rich milk!
      Her conformation and muscling is particularly excellent, and seems to be
developing similarly to her first cousin Tuligirl; especially low and broad; probably
due to the AI sire Stubbur being in her mothers bloodline.
      She has very broad and rounded shoulders full of meat, a very broad rump
which is particularly well-rounded and fully muscled (especially given she is a
LAMB!) A particularly broad and powerfully muscled back, (see the picture of her
FATHER'S back, neck and shoulders below) and a great volume of very soft wool
from her AI forebear Peli.
      I can't determine the thickness and depth of her leg muscling yet. The wool is
so thick I can't really get a "gauge" on her legs or how well filled in it is under her
tail. If she inherited her sire's leg muscling rather than her mother's, she will be a
superb ewe.
      Big and broad enough to be bred as a one winter ewe, she had her "date" with
the Thottur grandson  ("Full Throttle") who is 63% AI and has 15 AI ancestors in
his background. Coupling Full Throttle with this ewelamb who has 20 AI sires in
her background should produce some spectacular results!!!! Hopefully "Full
Throttle's" thighs are as deep and well fleshed as his ancestors were capable of!!
   The lambs could be white, black or black/grey, and will be born about May 19th.
   A white single ewelamb was born 5/18/16.
See "Reservation List, P. 1"
Gabby's Sire, who is also the full brother
of Tuligirl's Dam.
Gabby at 3 1/2 months
Gabby at 9 months
2016 Pre-lambing Reservation List