2017 Breeding Ewes
  "Blackie" LF-428X, #649455-H  Black Horned Twin. 48% AI, 13 AI sires (the major
ones being
Haengur, Kani and Thettir, as well as Garpur, Molur, Moli, Dropi, Nokkvi, &
  A very well proportioned ewe somewhat larger than the usual in size and weight
(about 160 lbs, normal is 130-145). She has broad, well muscled shoulders and back,
deep and wide chest, well-filled rump and loin muscling, and thick, well muscled legs.
 The area under her tail is well filled in with muscle. Excellent feet, fine wool. Well
shaped horns. Calm and trusting personality.  A heavy milker, and has always
produced twins, except triplets were born in 2016.
 One of Blackie's notable attributes is that she is an offspring of a Molur/Thettir cross,
which usually produce particularly well balanced and well proportioned animals.  
Blackie's Thettir ancestor is especially well known in Iceland for his thick leg
muscling, while the Molur line produces heavy muscling in precisely the places that
the Thettir line needs a little help with. Throw the Garpur/Haengur line into the mix,
which is famous for producing large animals with heavy overall muscling, and you
have the makings for a particularly well-balanced animal, which Blackie certainly is.
  Blackie has been bred to "Blocky" for her 2017 lambs which will be born about April
  The lambs will be solid black or Black/grey, and will be 41% AI with 22 AI ancestors
in their family tree. The AI sires in the lamb's pedigree with the highest percentages
will be Visir, Thettir, Haengur, Kani and Molur, as well as Ari, Moli, Tuli and Hunn.
  The lambs should be broad, square, and well muscled. (For an idea of what she can
produce, her 2016 triplet lambs were born 4/29/16 and can be seen by going to the
2016 Pre-lambing Reservation List.)
  Note that Blackie's belly, hips/legs, shoulders and throat is sheared in the pictures
below to protect her from the effects of an extreme August heat wave, but yet leave
enough wool to protect them when the snow usually flies just 6 or 7 weeks later, and
I thought at the same time I'd take pictures so people could see her excellent leg
muscling and particularly well-balanced conformation.
2016 Pre-lambing Reservation List
2017 Pre-lambing Reservation List