2018 Breeding Rams
  "Prudy." KTB-902E Heterozygous white, twin. Sire: AI sire Pruder
#11-896, dam: Bess, DL-664W. D.O.B. April 4, 2017.
    Prudy is 75% AI with 5 AI sires in his geneology (Prudur, Flotti, Bessi,
Lundi, Moli 93-986).
    It appears Prudy will develop similarly to his AI sire Prudur, which is
that his neck is short and muscular, his shoulders are rounded and well
muscled, full back muscling and very muscular legs with his body length
being a little longer than average.
     With regard to how Prudy "stacks up" against ramlambs his age that
are used for semen collection purposes in Iceland; his chest was
measured at 82 centimeters (the semen station's ramlambs average
82.5cm), his back was 17cm wide (semen-station ramlambs average
19.8cm), his eyemuscling (loin backmuscling) was 28mm (Iceland's
semen-station ramlambs averaged 27.6mm). So, all in all, Prudy stacked
up really well in comparison to ram lambs used in Iceland to improve the
quality of the national herd.
    Prudy's sire was the highest scoring ram at Rangarvallasysla, Iceland
in 2012, achieving an unusually high 88.5 points for a conformation score.
    Icelandics North has made it a point over the years to pick only the AI
rams with the highest available conformation scores and the thickest leg
and back muscling available, and has forced high quality by maintaining
severe culling practices, leaving only the finest animals to remain here on
the farm. As a consequence, rams grown here at Icelandics North tend to
be unusually powerful and heavily muscled. When bred to our unusually
heavily muscled ewes, Prudy should provide excellent lambs.
      For lambs to be born in 2018, we will likely breed Prudy to "
the daughter of "
Tuligirl." The lambs will be 62% AI, with 33 AI sires in
their family tree
, and "Peace" which will produce lambs that will be 50%
AI, with 27 AI Sires in their family history.