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Visir #01-892 Homozygous white horned ram.  
Particularly short legs, which is an indicator of heavy
muscling.  Visir's shoulders, back, rump, and thighs are
his strong points, each rating a '9' (leg score is an '18'.)  
Coarse horns with a quick curl.  Loin eye muscle
measured a superb 40mm, with a shape of 4. Somewhat
short bodied.  Passes great meat qualities on to his
offspring, but they easily could get too fat.Visir's overall
evaluation score was 85.5, which is above the average for
an AI sire.  Southram  says of him..."In 2003 his
progenies came out better in lamb evaluations than any
other AI sire's progenies have done before, showing
superb conformation."
Kunningi #02-903 Homozygous white ram, well
horned.  A very large ram at 211+ lbs.  Superb leg
muscling (score of 18.5) with very strong scoring
in his chest, back, and rump.  (9.0 each)  Short
(113mm canon bone-which indicates thick
38mm loin eyemuscle thickness, which is
9mm of backfat, which is a little much.  
Nevertheless, Kunningi is a superb ram with an
overall evaluation score of 86 out of 100.  
Southram said..."His progenies
have great conformation and superb gigots."
Hylur # 01-883  Homozygous white, horned ram.  A
grandson of the famous Laekur, one of the 10
all-time best AI sires ever in Iceland.  This superb
ram is especially distinguished by his low amount
of backfat,
(3mm) and his ultra-high wool score, (9.0).
Long-bodied and moderately tall. Overall, he
scored 85.5 out of 100, which is well above the
average score for AI sires. We
traveled to the farm of Hylur's birth  (Hestur
Experimental Station) during our vaginal AI
where we saw some of the most beautiful
Icelandics in
Kari  #03-908  Homozygous white ram that
carries spotting.  He is best known for his superb
horning, and his incredible wool score, a fantastic
His conformation is very good overall, with good
muscling in his chest, back and rump. He was
born in 2003, so figures aren't definitive yet for
the motherliness of his daughters, or his
offspring's carcass scores.  With an overall score
of 83.5, and
an overall good conformation, his genetics are
likely to be a useful addition to anyone's flock...
he's mostly unrelated to any other AI sire!
Lodi #00-871  Homozygous white, horned ram.  A
very good, long bodied ram with a very low amount of
backfat and superb fat index score.  (VERY lean.)  
Like Hylur, he comes from the Hestur Experimental
Station which almost ignores horning and wool quality,
concentrating on developing superb conformations
with heavy & thick muscling and low amount of
backfat.  (4mm in Lodi's case.)  Lodi has excellent
loin eye muscling (37mm) with perfect eyemuscle
shape (5), which earns him the superb back score of
9.5 out of 10! Wool is a little coarse. He has excellent
leg muscling, and overall score of 85 out of 100.
Southram says "His progenies proved to have great
qualities with the highest gigot muscling score in the
80--101--24--110    40/8/4    8--9--8.5--9--9--18--8--8--8=85.5   Not Known yet    141, 90
96--109--26--113    38/9/4    8--8.5--9--9--9--18.5--8--8--8=86    Not Known Yet    Not known yet
88--105--25--121    34/3/4    8--8--8.5--9--9--17.5--9--8--8.5=85.5   -1, 101   105, 140
--?--?--?--?    28/2/3    8--8--8.5--8--8.5--16.5--9.5--8--8=83.0    Not Known Yet Not Known Yet  
88--104--25--117    37/4/5    8--9--8.5--9.5--9--17.5--7.5--8--8=85     +6, 112   122, 128
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