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2016 Breeding Rams
NMI-431P  "Elen" Spotted grey with collar. Single born to a one
ewe. Well horned.
7/8 AI (Blaevar, Thettir, Kani, Rektor) Dam:
NMI-022N, (Moorit-grey/mouflon twin.)  Sire:
Rektor, AI ram
This ewlamb has uniformly thick and powerful muscling.  
Seems to have inherited her gg-grandsire Thettir's incredibly thick
leg muscling. Very broad structure.  Especially wide chest,
shoulders & hips.  Fast growth rate.   Perfect eyemuscle shape
(5.)   Very little backfat.   Wool is about average.  Carries moorit.  
(2-farm bred)
NMI-429P "Puffin"  Black spotted.  Twin born to a one-winter
3/4 AI (1/4 Morro, 1/2 Rektor.) Dam: Narya, NMI-023N.
(Black, Single)  Sire:
Rektor, AI Ram #00-889. Broad & uniform
body structure and heavy muscling.  Superb  shoulders, even
better than her AI sire's.  Nearly perfect conformation.  
Incredible muscling!  Loin eyemuscle thickness was an
astounding 40mm!!  THAT is even good for an AI sire at the
semen collection facilities in Iceland, where they keep the nations
finest rams.  Perfect loin eyemuscle shape (5).  Her chest
measurement also exceeded that of the average AI Sire.  See
"Evaluation" page.  Was instantly recognized as a far higher
scoring animal within an hour after birth.  Mom is
very milky.
Very soft wool.    Possibly carries moorit.
Her breeding to Abel (her first) did not take this last season.
BLW-740P "Tiger Lily"  Very light tan, horned, single.  3/8
AI. (1/4 Bambi, 1/8 Hunn.)
Dam: BLW-475M (Magdalena, a
Solee daughter.) White, horned,twin.  Sire: BLW-604N  
Horned twin, moorit badgerface ram.  A long-bodied
ewelamb.  Very broad and well-muscled, medium height,
excellent wide-sweeping horns, soft wool,
very fast growth
rate.   Carries moorit color, possibly badgerface pattern and
probably genetics for hooded pattern, which is expressing
faintly.   (1-Vag. AI)
FFC-388P "Peach"  Horned, white.  3/4 AI. (1/4 Laekur, 1/2
Superb conformation, reflective of the ideal found on
Iceland's finest and most progressive farms.  Excellent back
and leg muscling, and dense soft wool.   Medium height.
Her grandfather Laekur was/is one of the all-time top ten AI
sires, with many sons and grandsons also in the AI stations.
Her sire (Abel) is noted for perfect loin eyemuscle shape,  
superb rump and leg muscling, and high carcass grading score
of offspring, all of which Peach seems to have inherited.  
Beautifully curved and flared horns.  Very soft wool.  
Homozygous white.  Threw an excellent lamb this spring.  
(1-farm bred)
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