Evaluations, page 3...Lambs
Here again is the "standard" for 5 month old ramlambs I calculated from
the measurements of all of Iceland's
horned AI sires over the last 4 years:

Pungi        Brjm        Spjald             Fotl                  Omv/       fita/       lag
(weight)     (chest)  (back broad)   (canon bone)    
44.9Kg       82.5cm       19.8cm         110mm             27.6mm /  3mm /   3.7
(98.9 lbs.)
NMI-539R "Dreitilldottir"  a 1/2 AI ewelamb out of "Tansy," our
heaviest milking ewe.  My favorite lamb, her stats are

The "Standard;"
44.9Kg    82.5cm     19.8cm    110mm         27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
43.9       89 1/4cm   17.5cm    108mm        26mm  /  2.5mm/ 3

Ewelambs are generally smaller than the ramlambs.  To have a
ewelamb so closely mirror the average AI sires' stats as a lamb is
a testimony to her sire's ability to pass on a fast growth rate to his
offspring, as well as the milking ability of her dam.  You want to
choose rams that pass on their good characteristics.  Dreitill is
one fantastic sire!!  The only issue I have with this ewelamb is her
eyemuscle shape.
NMI-545R  "Visirsson."  7/8ths AI.  Dam: Luthien, our
moorit grey mouflon ewe.  Sire: Visir, one of a group of four
of Iceland's best-ever AI sires with regard to throwing
offspring with heavy muscling .  I am SO pleased with the
stats of this ramlamb!  At least I was...he died of bloat
10/4/05.  I used it as an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of
the outstanding ultrasound measurements of his backfat and
eyemuscling...they were dead-on accurate.
The "standard:"
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm    110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
40Kg      81.9cm   18.4cm    111mm      33mm / 2.5mm/ 5
NMI-541R  3/4 AI.  Dam:  "Narya," our Morro daughter.  
AI sire Kunningi.
The "standard."
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm    110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
Our Kunningi ramlamb:
43.9Kg   89cm      20.9cm    111mm        23mm / 2mm / 4
Obviously our ramlamb has a really great chest, and a
broader back than average for AI sires as lambs..  The
eyemuscling is lacking just a bit in thickness.
NMI-540R  3/4 AI.  Brother to 541R above.  Contrast his
with that if his brother.  He is lighter in weight, but what
back muscle shape and thickness!
The "standard."
44.9Kg   82.5cm  19.8cm   110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
Our ramlamb:
39.8Kg   82.5cm  18.1cm   110mm      27mm  /  2.5mm / 5
Pretty darn good!  A little light in weight, not as broad a
back, but less fat and better loin eyemuscle shape than is
usual for an AI Sire offspring.  Can't wait to see him as an
NMI-544R  Tinytyke.  62% AI.  Son of "Tolkis" and "Elen."
I needed room and was short on hay and feed, plus his horns
were turning in, so I slaughtered him, and thereby was able to
confirm the accuracy of the ultrasound measurements that were
taken a couple weeks earlier.  Both his parents were out of AI
lines with outstanding back muscling, and they obviously passed
it on!
Despite his small size, his backmuscling & conformation were
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm   110mm       27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
33.75Kg  78.7cm   17cm     111mm       30mm   /  2mm / 4
NMI-548R  1/4 AI.  Son of "Tolkis" and "Eowyn." This is an essentially
unimproved ramlamb.  Tall conformation, narrow chest & shoulders, narrow
back,undermuscled legs.  This is the type of body you want to avoid. Note tho,
that he was only 4 mo. old
44.9Kg    82.5cm    19.8cm    110mm        27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
35Kg       77.8cm    14.5cm    118mm        27mm  / 2  1/2mm / 3