Evaluations, page 3...Lambs
Here again is the "standard" for 5 month old ramlambs I calculated from
the measurements of all of Iceland's
horned AI sires over the last 4 years:

Pungi        Brjm        Spjald             Fotl                  Omv/       fita/       lag
(weight)     (chest)  (back broad)   (canon bone)    
44.9Kg       82.5cm       19.8cm         110mm             27.6mm /  3mm /   3.7
(98.9 lbs.)
NMI-539R "Dreitilldottir"  a 1/2 AI ewelamb out of "Tansy," our heaviest
milking ewe.  My favorite lamb, her stats are
The "Standard;"
44.9Kg    82.5cm     19.8cm    110mm         27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
43.9       89 1/4cm   17.5cm    108mm        26mm  /  2.5mm/ 3

Ewelambs are generally smaller than the ramlambs.  To have a ewelamb so
closely mirror the average AI sires' stats as a lamb is a testimony to her
sire's ability to pass on a fast growth rate to h
is offspring, as well as the
milking ability of her dam.  You want to choose rams that pass on their good
characteristics.  Dreitill is one fantastic sire!!  The only issue I have with
this ewelamb is her eyemuscle shape.
Without her wool, her backmuscling
would look like the ewes in the middle of page 2 of "How Do Your Animals
Compare?" in the picture titled "Three unimproved backs, narrow and
lacking muscle."
Click here to see that picture.
NMI-545R  "Visirsson."  7/8ths AI.  Dam: Luthien, our
moorit grey mouflon ewe.  Sire: Visir, one of a group of four
of Iceland's best-ever AI sires with regard to throwing
offspring with heavy muscling .  I am SO pleased with the
stats of this ramlamb!  At least I was...he died of bloat
10/4/05.  I used it as an opportunity to confirm the accuracy of
the outstanding ultrasound measurements of his backfat and
eyemuscling...they were dead-on accurate.
The "standard:"
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm    110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
40Kg      81.9cm   18.4cm    111mm      33mm / 2.5mm/ 5
NMI-541R  3/4 AI.  Dam:  "Narya," our Morro daughter.  
AI sire Kunningi.
The "standard."
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm    110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
Our Kunningi ramlamb:
43.9Kg   89cm      20.9cm    111mm        23mm / 2mm / 4
Obviously our ramlamb has a really great chest, and a
broader back than average for AI sires as lambs..  The
eyemuscling is lacking just a bit in thickness.
NMI-540R  3/4 AI.  Brother to 541R above.  Contrast his
with that if his brother.  He is lighter in weight, but what
back muscle shape and thickness!
The "standard."
44.9Kg   82.5cm  19.8cm   110mm      27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
Our ramlamb:
39.8Kg   82.5cm  18.1cm   110mm      27mm  /  2.5mm / 5
Pretty darn good!  A little light in weight, not as broad a
back, but less fat and better loin eyemuscle shape than is
usual for an AI Sire offspring.  Can't wait to see him as an
NMI-544R  Tinytyke.  62% AI.  Son of "Tolkis" and "Elen."
I needed room and was short on hay and feed, plus his horns
were turning in, so I slaughtered him, and thereby was able to
confirm the accuracy of the ultrasound measurements that were
taken a couple weeks earlier.  Both his parents were out of AI
lines with outstanding back muscling, and they obviously passed
it on!
Despite his small size, his backmuscling & conformation were
44.9Kg   82.5cm   19.8cm   110mm       27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
33.75Kg  78.7cm   17cm     111mm       30mm   /  2mm / 4
NMI-548R  1/4 AI.  Son of "Tolkis" and "Eowyn." This is an essentially
unimproved ramlamb.  Tall conformation, narrow chest & shoulders, narrow
back,undermuscled legs.  This is the type of body you want to avoid. Note tho,
that he was only 4 mo. old
44.9Kg    82.5cm    19.8cm    110mm        27.6mm / 3mm / 3.7
35Kg       77.8cm    14.5cm    118mm        27mm  / 2  1/2mm / 3