Vaginal AI trip, page 5
The View out Heidarbaer's Barn Door
Hestur Experimental Station
The highest point for me was to see probably the finest
Icelandics in the world, (conformationally speaking) at
Hestur Station.  To see what the breed is capable of is truly
The white ewe below looked to me to be the finest
specimen at
Hestur, and therefore, the world.  As was stated earlier in
this article, Hestur specializes in developing exceptional
muscling, with little fat.  Mundi told us that a back with
40mm eye muscle
depth, a shape of 5, and 2mm of fat would score a 10.  
Hestur is striving for that, and getting results!  More
superb rams come out of Hestur than anywhere else.  It
must be pointed out however, that Hestur doesn't pay as
much attention to the excellence of the horning or the
fineness of the wool.  So, there is
still room for improvement!
 We need to ask ourselves in
America...just where are we going
with this?  Does the Texel taste as
good as an Icelandic?  Why
shouldn't we strive to develop the
most excellent sheep in
existence?  The Icelandic is
already the most versatile
in my opinion.  Why should the
domestic American lamb market
feel they can get away with fragile,
unpredictably flavored and fat
animals, and not pay a price for
relative lack of initiative and
creativity?  Traveling to Iceland
has opened our eyes as a group as
to what careful thought, resourcefulness, cooperation in working towards a goal, and
persistence can do.  Here in America, we so often are an island unto ourselves, and in our
determined individuality we often miss the blessing of seeing what can be worked in the lives
of those we come in contact with as we get outside of ourselves for the benefit of others.  We
feel we have learned much and been richly blessed through this experience, and I for one am
very thankful!
The sight outside Hestur Station's Front Door.
One of Haafelli Farm's Icelandic Goats