About Us
Maine..."Vacationland"-the land of L.L.Bean & lobster
dinner.  "The Way Life is Supposed to Be" according to the
State's promotional slogan.  Moose and bear abound in this
highly agriculturalized part of the state.  Farm tractors and
giant harvesters  rumble down the main street through the
center of town on their way to lush growing potato, oat and
wheat fields.  On the side of the road, right in the center of a
town of 470 people is a quiet and fertile spot, never touched
by chemical fertilizers-
Northern Maine Icelandics)
For decades a horse farm, the soil has never been drained of
it's natural goodness.  Icelandic sheep flourish in this setting,
and yet are not in danger of losing their natural hardiness,
for conditions in northern Maine are if anything, more
rigorous than in Iceland!.  Constant winds, frequent rain and
mist, and winters lasting nearly 7 months that may see
temperatures drop to -54 degrees F for an entire week test
the endurance of all creatures...man or beast.
It is in this setting that ICELANDICS NORTH maintains a
small, high quality flock of the most versatile sheep in the
world, the Icelandic.  Our breeding stock is very carefully
selected. Constant improvement of the flock through severe
culling, combined with the continuous introduction of new
genetics into the herd with semen from the finest rams in
Iceland enables us to offer breeding stock that is among the
best in North America.   We breed for a low, stocky, and long
body conformation, with thick, heavy muscling, low fat content
and the finest wool possible with this breed.             
In Iceland, the white sheep are preferred, and most efforts to
improve the breed have gone into them, while the colored lines
receive less attention.  Here at Icelandics North, we convert
the finest of the white lines to colored, as well as work to
achieve the most rapid physical improvements possible.  
  Due to the rich soils and high nutrition levels, the sheep here
at Icelandics North tend to be substantially larger than at most
flocks of Icelandics, with our ewes usually hitting 180 lbs and
more. (The normal weight for an adult ewe in Iceland is
generally 120-145 lbs.)         
Our former Federal scrapie vet called our herd "the most
consistent and finest quality herd I've seen, better than all the
other flocks put together."  
Additionally, in November of 2003, a rare opportunity was
afforded Icelandics North and eight other North American
farms, through an invitation from the Agricultural Advisor of
Southram semen collection facility, to travel to Iceland, to
study a new state-of-the-art method of artificial insemination
under it's developer, research scientist and veterinarian
Thorstein Olafsson, PHD.   (See
"Vaginal AI Trip")
Icelandics North is one of only two farms that made that trip
that are still today in the business of breeding the Icelandic
breed of sheep.

We at Icelandics North will continue in our quest to promote this breed, while striving to develop and
offer animals equalling or exceeding the quality found in Iceland's finest flocks.       
We are also trained and certified in the FAMACHA method of controlling sheep internal parasites, a
program developed in South Africa to slow the progression of resistance to wormers. We aggressively
pursue pasture rotation procedures designed to reduce parasite loads, severely cull animals found to be
less resistant to parasitism, as well as employ other natural methods proven to minimize parasite load
without the habitual use of wormers.
We have always been footrot and OPP free, are active members of
ISBONA and listed with the Maine
Sheep Breeders Association.