AI SIRES* that we have used
Flotti: Ram # 98-850. Horned, white.  Eye muscle thickness
40mm (which is outstanding), back fat 4mm.  Southram says
of him..."Very good looking  with wellcurved horns.  The
neck is
extremely broad and well connected to broad and
muscled shoulders.  Great conformation and wide chest.  
Excellent back muscling. Great muscling on loins.  Powerful
thighs with thick, rounded and deep muscle.  Very strong
feet and well placed.  Flotti was champion sire of
Rangarvallasysla in 1999.
The following descriptions are of the sires of our AI offspring.   Northern Maine Icelandics was
instructed in Iceland on how to interpret each ram's statistics, & we pick only the best of the best,
specifically for meat purposes.
Each ram's evaluation score is in blue.  The prolificacy of the daughters is the first red number. The
number 0 means average prolificacy, a negative # is less prolific, a positive is more.    The 2nd red
number is the milkiness of their daughters.  A milking score of 100 is average,  below 100 is less
milky, above 100 is more milky.  Carcass & fat indexes are in green, the higher the number, the
better.  Again, a score of 100 is average.  Below 100 is less good.
Carries gray pattern, moorit color, and spotting.  Scored 84.5 points out of 100 on graded body parts.
Our Flotti lambs have exceeded all expectations for fast growth, superb muscling, & conformation.
87--105--25--122    40/4/5    8--8--8.5--9.5--9--18--7.5--8--8-- total score =84.5 pts. 0, 100   113, 109
Kani: Ram # 98-864.  Moorit mouflon, horned.  Kani has a
powerful head with good horn curving.  Wide chest and good
conformation.  Broad back, 39mm eye muscle thickness
(outstanding).  Above average leg muscling.  Wool is
starting to lighten with grey.  Medium thog, good thel-fine
and soft.  Kani's prolificacy score (a measure of how many
lambs his  daughters produce) is an incredible +41.  The
usual score is -2 to +10, & his daughters have been above
average milkers.
84--102--24.5--124     39/4/4      8--8--8--8.5--8--16.5--7--8--8-- total score = 80 pts.   +41, 104    103, 100
Mjaldur: Ram #93-985.  White, horned.  (Son of legendary
Thettir.)  Head is broad and shoulders well muscled.  Great
muscling on back& loins. Eye muscle measures "an amazing
41mm." Wool is soft and plentiful.  At that time Mjaldur was
only the 2nd stud ram in Icelands history to have been given a
9 for a wool score (out of a possible 10).  Wool isn't the only
great characteristic Mjaldur has, for he was given a score of
86.5 out of 100 because of his great meat qualities.  Mjaldur
has produced
many great looking lambs of both sexes with great meat qualities, mothering abilities, excellent horns
and great wool.  Our Mjaldur ramlamb included!
86--108--26--122    41/5/-    8--8.5--8.5--9.5--9--18--9--8--8--Total score = 86.5 pts.       +5, 105    117, 91
* Pictures and descriptions used by permission of Southram.  
Dreitill:AI ram #00-891 Homozygous white, horned. A son of Laekur,
one of the top 10 rams ever.  A fantastic animal for improving the
thighs and back on your lambs! A superb 18.5 leg score!  Wide chest,
broad back, very good eye muscling (37mm). Heavily muscled
shoulders. Short legs, long loin with very little backfat (3mm).  
Medium fine wool, short tog. Has some tan throughout. His lambs have
a fast growth rate.  Scores 86 out of 100 on graded body parts. We
visited the farm where Dreitill was born when we were being trained in
the new vaginal AI procedure.  The barn was insulated and heated
until the
Abel:AI ram #00-890 Homozygous white, strong horns. Another great
animal for improving the thighs and rump of your lambs. Broad, strong
shoulders, straight back with thick muscling, perfect eyemuscle shape &
short leg score, which means thick muscling overall. Very high car-
cass grading score of 139 on lambs w/ very little fat.  Fine soft wool with
no tan or black fibers.  Carries spotting. Scored 87 out of 100!
Rektor:AI ram #00-889 Black/white spotted. Strong horns. Thick neck,
very wide chest, great conformation. Grandson of the famed "Moli,"
one of Iceland's all time great AI sires. Rektor had one of the two
thickest eye muscle measurements of that year (42mm). Good rump &
very good thighs. Wool is softer than wool score implies,  rates a '7'
because he is spotted.  For actual softness, he rates an '8.'   Carries
black & spotting.
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sheep grow their wool back sufficiently to withstand the low winter temps after the fall shearing!
84--107--26--111   37/3/4    8--8.5--9--9--9.5--18.5--7.5--8--8--Total score = 86 pts. -15, 94    133, 116
82--102--26--116      39/4/5     8--8--9--9.5--9.5--18--8.5--8--8.5-- = 87 pts.       -3, 104   127, 93
96--110--26.5--121        42/7/4        8--7.5--8.5--9--9--17--7--8--8.5-- = 83 pts. -16, 102   108, 101