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 As on page one of "AI SIRES,"  each ram's scoring of the various body parts is in blue, the
prolificacy (first #) & milkiness of the daughters (2nd #) is in red.   A zero score for prolificacy
means "average prolificacy," a "plus" number is
more prolific than average, and a negative
number is less than average.  The numbers in green are the carcass grading scores, (first #-the
meatiness of the carcass,)  and (2nd #) the fat score,  with  100 being average.   A higher carcass
grading score (1st green #) means greater muscling than the average Icelandic lamb, lower than a
100 means less meat than average.  A higher fat score (2nd green #)means less fat, a score less
than 100 is getting pretty fatty.

Bambi:  Ram #95-829.  Horned, dark moorit.  Good looking head, well muscled neck and
shoulders.  Back, loin and thighs score adequate.  Straight feet.  Good  overall conformation and
strikingly good temperament.  Thick eye muscle (39mm).  Wool quantity near average.  Tog is a
bit coarse, thel is very soft.  Bambi is "near to average in all abilities..."  "Some of his progenies
have come out excellently."  This speaks well for him considering the Icelanders emphasize white
animals and concentrate their improvement efforts mainly on them.  "Bambi is an AI sire mainly
for his color, and should improve breeding of the colored sheep."  Scored 81.5 out of 100.
86--104--25--124    39/--/--    8--8.5--8.5--8.5--8.5--16.5--7.5--8--7.5 = 81.5   +3, 102   ?? ??
Blaevar: Ram # 90-974.  White but carries color, horned.  His horns have a tight curl.  His head is
broad and his neck is thick and well muscled.  His back is strong, chest broad, deep and
muscular.  Good leg muscle and straight feet.  His lambs tend to be born slightly smaller than
most, and are very vigorous. (Until recently we had a Blaevar granddaughter which was the
product of a Thettir/Blaevar cross.  Her growth rate was steady, rather than being rapid on the
early end.)  Blaevar's fleece has quite a bit of tan distributed though it. His wool is very soft, with
fine tog.  Blaevar carries color.
106--112--25--125    ??/??/??/    8--8--8.5--8.5--9--18--7.5--8.5--8= 84    Not known, 104 ??, ??

Heli: Ram # 93-805.  Polled. Black. Very muscular shoulders, wide chest.  Loin is long and well
muscled, eye muscle measuring 36mm, with only 5mm backfat.  Leg muscle is deep and thick.  
Feet are strong and correctly placed.  Wool quantity is well above average, black and very
lustrous.  Heli throws strong lambs with excellent muscling, fleece and mothering skills.  Heli
carries moorit and spotting.

Molur: Ram # 95-812.  Horned, white, carrying moorit.  Fine horns, wide, strong, and curved
correctly, well away from the face.  Slender good looking head, muscular shoulders, and good
conformation.  Back and loins are very muscular,  even though his eye muscle measurement was
only 29mm.  Only 3mm of backfat. His thighs are very powerful.   Good feet.  Good quantity of
wool, medium fineness.
83--100--25--123    29/3/--    8--8--8.5--8.5--8.5--17--7.5--8--8.5=82.5   +11, 113    102, 108

Morro: Ram #98-845.  Moorit, horned.  Fine head, beautifully curved horns well away from the
face.  Strong straight back. Eyemuscle slightly thicker than average, (31mm.)  Loin is long and
very broad.  Thigh muscle is long and deep.  Overall good conformation.  Wool a bit coarse with
grey in the tog, medium quantity.  Scored 81 points out of 100.  Our Morro daughter was very
long, extremely fast growing, and a heavy milker.
82--102--23.5--123    31/7/--    8--8--8--8.5--8.5--16.5--7.5--8--8=81.0    +13, 109    117, 78

Thettir; Ram # 91-931. White, horned. "An outstanding father of sons"  The highest scoring
ramlamb of 1991.  His back is good, but not overly broad.  His eye muscle thickness was 34mm,
with only 3mm of fat.  His loin is thick and muscular.  Built low to the ground, his legs are thick
and strong.  His sons seem to consistently score among the best for front body muscling and
roundness, and fine wool qualities.  His daughters are very good mothers. Thettir's decendants
have always been the best
(or among the best) animals on our farm.
75--102--21--116    34/3/--    8--8--9--8.5--8.5--19--7.5--9--8.5=86   Not known, 101       ??, ??

* Descriptions used by permission of Southram.  
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