A Flotti son (left) on a farm in Iceland...
massive neck, decent shoulders. Better
than average back muscle shape (score of
4), but there's room for improvement.
Good rump muscling,  but could be even
better.  An average unimproved ram (to
his right), with normal neck, narrow &
high shoulders. Back & rump is
average for an unimproved ram.
One of the best rams I was
priviledged to see in Iceland.  
This hefty guy from Hestur
Station in Borgarnes has good
rump & leg muscling (Score
, a broad well-muscled
back with great eye muscle
shape, (4.5?) excellent shoulders
short, massive neck.
How Do Your Animals Compare, Page 4
An overall excellent ram in Iceland found in
one of the
three semen collection facilities,
however, the back (loin eye muscle shape)
would score about a 3
out of a possible
score of 5.
 He has a good neck, broad
well-rounded shoulders that aren't peaked,
decent chest, and an overall well-balanced
, but could use thicker back
muscling and a bit more rump muscling.
In the picture on the right above,"Mjaldursson" is compared to another Hestur ram that would
improve most any flock.  Both have well muscled, full shoulders
that are well rounded and not
. Here also our ram has a better rump and deeper, thicker leg muscling.  Both have
straight backs with great loin (eye) muscling.   

I hope you see with this article that knowing what good quality looks like, coupled with
careful breeding choices it is possible to achieve high quality. Sometimes it even happens by
!  Certainly you can stack the deck in your favor by attending a Vaginal AI Seminar,  as
well as
receive training in Iceland's method of evaluation so you can knowledgeably interpret the
Icelander's statistics,
pick the best genetics, and use Iceland's unique method of Artificial
An unacceptably
shallow chest with a shallow and
narrow breast bone which would
not allow for sufficient lung
capacity. (One of my early
ewelambs of the year 2000).
A chest of acceptable depth,
but still a bit shallow.
A world-class deep chest.
(Ewe from Hestur Experimental
Above is our semen-station
quality Mjaldursson compared to
one of the top three rams I saw in
which you can see to the
 The Hestur ram  seems to
have a  better neck and shoulders,
while our ram, a grandson of
, has thicker and deeper leg
(which the Thettir line is
famous for) as well as broader
hips & rump.
Our Mjaldursson