Bighorn Sheep*
Dahl Sheep*
     To reserve a lamb from the 2017 pre-lambing "Breedings List,"  email us with your choice.  If
that lamb (or lambs) is available, then mail us a personal check, certified bank check, or money
order in the amount of $200.00 for each lamb that is to be reserved.  The final price of the
"Breedings List"animals will be determined at their first evaluation at 60 days of age.  The  
balance due is to be paid before the animal leaves our farm.
Deposits are not to hold a "place in line" which allows you to make a choice; they are for specific
where possible. Because I am very familiar with a line's characteristics and history, I
would be glad to help guide you with your choice if you email us with what your goals and priorities
are for your flock, (i.e. "I want a ewelamb out of a line known for it's milkiness," or "I want a
lamb with especially fine wool," or, "meatiness is the important thing!")
Unless circumstances dictate a later birthing season, lambs may be picked up beginning the last
week of August, or first week of September, or if  you prefer, we will consider delivering within
New England for an additional fee.   

               We offer a 15% discount with the purchase of more than 3 lambs.
If we judge that you have maintained good animal husbandry practices, if any ram purchased
from us fails to be fertile it's first breeding season, or any ewelamb purchased from us fails to
produce a viable lamb by it's 2nd breeding season, we will, at our discretion, refund the animals
purchase price or supply an equivalent animal.

NOTE! The sheep from ICELANDICS NORTH are not typical of this
breed...they are very heavily muscled, and are NOT able to manage the
hot weather typically found any further south than Southern
Massachusetts, New York State, Northern Penn & N. Ohio, etc. They
do best within 100 miles of the northern border of the United States. To
purchase and maintain them any further south voids any warrantee
offered by Icelandics North!
*The Bighorn and Dahl sheep pictures are for your entertainment only, we sell only Icelandics.
**Limited to NON-AI rams and 2nd generation AI rams.
***In the excellent Icelandic scoring system, the SCORING of some bodyparts by breeders in
America ends up being a personal judgement call because in our 2003 AI and evaluation training,
certain criteria necessary to authoratively assign scores to the body parts was not given.  
 Nonetheless, even without the specific SCORING criteria, those who have been taught what
"excellent" really looks and feels like in a VAI seminar are in a far better position to offer an
opinion on the true worth of an animal.   However, we
were taught how to take the
MEASUREMENTS for various parts of the body, and those measurements can indeed be used to
directly compare the quality of your own animals to the finest Icelandic sheep in Iceland, enabling
you to judge the progress in your attempts to improve your own flock.  
 Going to Iceland yourself to learn how to evaluate your own animals is highly suggested for
anyone truly serious about developing and offering real quality.  (Or taking the Vaginal AI class
offered occasionally here in America.)
     We at ICELANDICS NORTH have decided to adopt the system of record keeping  and
evaluation used in Iceland  which we (the 'Group of 12' that took the
Nov. 2003 AI trip to Iceland)
were taught, a complete and objective evaluation  system which successfully pinpoints the finest
        Like in Iceland, each important body part is evaluated for muscling, as well as the breadth of
chest, width of the shoulders and hips, correctness of hoof structure, stance, and growth rate.  Like in
Iceland, we at
ICELANDICS NORTH measure backfat and loin muscle thickness using ultrasound
technology, comparing those results with the finest Iceland has to offer.  
         In all this, we do not forget about the fineness and density of the wool, or the milkiness and
motherliness that the line has demonstrated previously.
         Another factor that will influence the price of a lamb is the number of AI sires in it's pedigree.  
        The greater the number of excellent characteristics the lamb displays, the higher the price.  
        Using the Icelandic system of measuring gives the customer who understands the statistics a
more accurate picture of the usefulness of a particular animal in improving his own flock, as well as
holding expenses down by not choosing (and paying for) an animal which...upon arriving at the buyers
farm, proves to not be an improvement to the buyer's flock after all.***  
        It is the opinion of this shepherd that the Icelandic system of measuring is the critical element
necessary to maintain and improve the quality of this breed in North America, and if widely known and
used,  would serve to create a much more satisfying relationship between breeders, as well as build
credibility for the breed in the eyes of the North American agricultural community.